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Technology: a healthy mix of old and new...

The engine detail is largely inspired by 'period' (1900-1910) construction drawings, but we have chosen for a modern (when better) equivalent for some aspects, carefully making sure not to loose the ‘look & feel'of the engine.

The first step into ‘modernity’ was to produce drawings in AutoCad: a computerised drawing system, allowing us to ask for quotes through e-mail & internet and facilitating easy change, distribution and multiple-location manufacturing.

To comply with the latest EC Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), the boiler (and tender) will be of welded construction, rather than riveted. If the demand is there, we might opt for ‘fake’ rivet-heads, where it is felt essential for the engine’s appearance.

A number of parts that would have been cast traditionally (in steel or bronze), will now be manufactured, using latest CNC machining technology, without compromise on quality, appearance or functionality.

The engine parts will be sourced from a world-wide pool of suitable suppliers, customary in many industries. Of course, we'll make sure that the nature and specified quality of the required parts, in line is with the intent of relevant European standards.

And of course we do not shy away from improvements, like the use of sealed ball-bearings (e.g. front wheels), to reduce maintenance and related operating cost & time. Although going around with an oilcan is part of the fun, we have tried to reduce the 'chores', so you are left with more 'playtime'.

All alterations and modifications, compared to 'traditional' engine manufacturing, are engineered by qualified competent people and will get special attention when the prototype engine is works-tested. After all, in this day and age we should be able to build even better engines!

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