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Quality means different things for different people and therefore we would like to share our view on quality with you.

Quality of People We are looking to do business with competent people who have a track-record of being professional and dedicated to their part of the job.
It’s the people who do a good job, not talk one, that will make this venture a success.
Quality of Materials We will have a control system in place to ensure suitability of all materials used.
For example, it would include tracebility documentation or independent testing of materials used.
Further we will make use of good engineering practices and proven track-records of relevant materials and constructions.
Quality of Build Having the right materials is no good when they’re not put together correctly.
The build (or if you like: assembly) of the engine will be supervised by an engineer with relevant experience and he will be singly responsible for the end-result.
The complete engine will get a rigorous ‘works-test’, before delivery to the new owner.
It goes without saying that the engine will be complete with Lloyds Register (or equivalent 'notified body') boiler certification in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

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