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Latest News & Developments

New! Engine being prepared for shipment!

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24-09-2009 Maiden trip around the village

13-09-2009 Steamed for the first time (stationairy)

10-08-2009 Delivery in the Netherlands

29-06-2009 Departed from Durban, en route to Rotterdam

25-06-2009 Loaded at workshop in 20 ft container

20-06-2009 Prepared for shipment

20-04-2009 Final trial runs completed - started with preparations for shipment

01-02-2009 Website transferred to new webhost

01-01-2009 Article in January 2009 issue of Old Glory

08-11-2008 First test drive outside

28-10-2008 In steam for the first time

14-10-2008 Rear wheels installed; engine mechanically complete

04-09-2008 Started with boiler lagging

25-03-2008 Article in March 2008 issue of Old Glory

04-03-2007 Tender built and installed

04-12-2007 Boiler released from boiler makers - final assembly commenced

30-11-2007 Article in December issue of Old Glory

25-11-2007 Final work on the boiler

17-11-2007 Major review & update of website

01-11-2007 Successful boiler pressure test

16-09-2007 We've started putting together sub-assemblies - a new section on the photo-page

12-09-2007 The road wheels have returned after vulcanising the tyres.

03-09-2007 The cylinder has been successfully machined.

01-08-2007 The cylinder, our most complicated casting piece, has been delivered.

10-06-2007 The photo-page now contains more than 50 images!

28-05-2007 The wheels have been sent for vulcanising.

02-02-2007 The photo-page now contains more than 15 images!

25-12-2006 First castings delivered

01-12-2006 Commenced first patterns for the castings.

20-11-2006 Commenced detailing the build-contract.

01-11-2006 90% of drawings completed which allowed us to determine a price - see FAQ.

October 2006Lloyds Register type Approval for the boiler.

30-04-2006 German pages added.

Q1 2006 Crossing t's and dotting i's for the boiler design: soon we'll be submitting to Lloyds Register

03-06-2005 Started with the boiler approvals process with Lloyds Register as recognised PED 'Notified body'

2005 Much correspondence agout boiler-and other design details: started with AutoCad drawings

February 2005 We found a new supplier: hope this works out!

December 2004 An important supplier has withdrawn: the search is on again!

18-09-2004 Dutch pages added

10-09-2004 75% of suppliers identified

23-03-2004 Savage Engineers Ltd registered with Company House, Cardiff, Engeland.

ęSavage Engineers Ltd.