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Investor Relations & Investment Opportunities

As indicated in the FAQ, we are working on the possibility for investment.
At the moment we are trying to work out the details for (an) investment scheme(s).

The main goal of the venture is to make quality steam tractors available, for promotional and hobby-use, at an affordable cost and as an alternative for what is available in the existing ‘old engine’ market.

Despite the fact that we firmly believe that there is a demand for the type of tractor we are building, only after a successful prototype followed by firm orders, can a reasonably accurate judgement on the market conditions and potential profitability be made.

Without trying to spoil your enthousiasm, we are obliged to point out to you that any investment carries an inherent risk and projected profitability might turn into an actual loss.

...but our own savings will go in...

Interested? E-mail Savage Engineers Ltd. for more information or with suggestions on the matter.

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