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Frequently Asked Questions 1-10

1. Why would I want to buy a new engine? A new engine has many advantages over a restored one, especially if you haven’t done the restoration yourself. You know everything is new, so no hidden surprises of corrosion or wear. The manufacturer is in existence, so help, advice and parts (if required at all) are readily available. You buy an engine that will last you a life time, and probably more, when taken care of properly (e.g. water-treatment, recommended lubrication). And wouldn't it be nice to have an engine ready-to-go, rather than a multi-year "project", when you have little time because of your commitments to family and employer? Or when you are about to retire, or retired already, own an engine that will not require any major work during you life-time? To us it just makes sense!
2. Why would I choose for a Steam Tractor instead of a big Road Locomotive? Size doesn’t count. To enjoy an engine, tractor, road-loco or agricultural, it really doesn’t matter what it is. But you do know you have a real engine, and not a scale-version (no offence meant to either scale-engine owners or suppliers, but we just like the ‘real’ thing!) Some advantages of a smaller engine are: improved manoeuvrability (more than just ‘nice’ in modern day traffic), lower running cost (consumables like coal/wood, water, oils), garage-storable (you don’t need to live on/near a farm with a big barn). And the engine would still have no trouble driving a trashing drum or saw-bench and make good mileage on the road during a pub-tour (don’t drink & drive though!).
3. Have no engines, built by Savage Brothers of Kings Lynn, survived? As a fair-ground builder, steam tractors were only a ‘side-line’, so only a few dozen were built and coincidentally (and unfortunately) none escaped the scrapman. But luckily quite a few of their fair products have survived.
4. But this engine has no history…! Yes and no. It has been inspired on the design of world’s greatest fair-ground builder, a company with a history and reputation to marvel at! And it will give you the excellent opportunity to make history together with the engine! Without getting too sentimental, we also like old engines with an interesting, often chequered, history. But our engines are brand-new and the charm in that is ... just different (and un-precedented in this century!).

How many owners do you know who had their engine from new?

5. How can you call your engine original? You may say our engines are 100 years late, or just "Big Boys' (& Girls) Toys", but as engine manufacturers, under the "Dave Bower" brand-name, our products are original.
We are not building replicas and we are honest to you about the source of our inspiration (Savage Bros. of Kings Lynn and other contempory manufacturers), but we design and build our own engines! And one of them could be yours!
6. Will it be a good investment? Good question: we like to think it is. The engine is well-built and will last more than one generation, when maintained properly. Over time prices of both old engines and (recent) scale versions have continuously gone up, faster than the rate of inflation. But as any banker will tell you, historical results are no guarantee for future performance.
7. Where can I go to look at one? We are presently putting together the variuos (sub)assemblies and we expect to have an engine insteam before the end of 2007. This will not only provide us with an engine to view and publish on this forum, but also to drive! Keep an eye on these pages to be the first to know, or E-mail Savage Engineers Ltd. so we can add you to our distribution list as soon as we have news to report.
8. So, what does one cost? Presently (February 2009), the price is in the order of EUR 140.000,=, (~GBP£128.000,=;~US$180.000,=), ex Netherlands. The price will vary due to fluctuations in cost of steel, international transport and exchange rates. The price would be fixed at time of ordering, after payment of the first installment - see terms.
9. I’m getting all exited, reading this. Can I order my engine yet? We would be very pleased if this was the case and it would not surprise us. However, as you will have read in our views on quality, we don’t want to engage in any firm commitments until the prototype is well on the way to be steamed. Nevertheless you would have the opportunity to partake as an investor: since this is a privately funded venture, additional financial resources will accelerate the process of getting a steaming engine!
10. I think you’re on a winner there. Can I participate? You would have the opportunity to partake as an investor: since this is a privately funded venture, additional financial resources will accelerate the process. It is expected that the venture will become profitable, so that further developments can be financed and dividends paid. Presently we're still working on the details of a participation construction. Also a sponsor-arrangement is under review. Any news will be published on this forum straight away. Visit us regularly for updates.
You are welcome to send us an E-mail with any suggestions or requirements you may have in the area of sponsorship or investment in Savage Engineers Ltd.

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