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The Engine and it's Main Characteristics

Class 3 with Cast-iron Wheels

The first engine of Savage Engineers Ltd is a light steamtractor, presented under the brandname of "Dave Bower". A numer of characteristics of the tractor are reminiscent to the 'Gold Medal' type tractors from the early 20st century.
Our tractor is 5 NHP (nominal horsepower, not comparable to 'modern' HP or kW and weighs around 6000kg, road-ready. Bore x Stroke = 152 mm x 228 mm (~ 6" x 9") and the working pressure is 1,7 MPa (250 psi). This pressure is much higher than commonly applied in those days, but is gives a better efficiency at partial loads, while the maximum power comes very near much larger engines.
The engine is equipped with the trusted Stephenson linkage which operates the 'D' valve for steam admission.

Our 'standard' model is without awning: one one hand it emphasizes the engines 'purity', while it still offers the buyer to add to his engine with an awning of his own design or ask Savage Engineers Ltd to install the 'standard' awning.
For inspiration and basis, we made use of the Savage Brothers shop drawings, as far as still available. Unfortunately, not all drawings have survived. Also we have made use of designs of other manufacturers from the same period (early 20st century). The result is a similar, but still entirely different steamtractor, which we proudly present under the new brandname of "Dave Bower"!

The external dimensions of the engine are such, that after removal of the exhaust flue, the steamtractor can be accommodated in a standard car garage. The overall dimensions are (approximate):

length = 4,5 m (15 ft)

width = 1,5 m (5 ft)

height flue= 2,70 (9 ft)

height flywheel = 2,20 m (7 ft 4")

This makes ownership attractive, even when living in a modern housing estate!

Some other specific charateristics that differentiate the"Dave Bower" steamtractor from most other engines from the early 20st century include:
- The engine is equipped with cast-iron wheels, with vulcanised rubber tyres. Both front- and rear axle are sprung. Front with a traverse leaf-spring; rear with coil springs.
- The steering is through the much more accurate wurm/quadrant principle. This make the steering much more precise and increases the manoeuvrability.
- Where possible 'for life' roller bearings have been used (front wheels), while in other places bronze bushes have been applied, but now with the application of modern lubricants. Correct use and maintenance will give you years of trouble free operation.
- Higher steam pressure - the boiler has been designed for much higher steam pressure than common. This higher pressure doesn't just increase the efficiency (less water and fuel consumption) but also a higher available maximum power, approaching that of 7 or 8 NHP engines.

Class 3 with straked Wheels
Class 3 with Cast-iron Wheels

Savage Brothers equipped their engines with feedwater heaters, to improve the (thermal) efficiency. The"Dave Bower" steam tractor also could be equipped with one, but we already have an increased efficiency through the higher operating pressure. When a buyer would desire so, a feed water heater can be incorporated.

The proto type that presently is under construction, will be equipped with belly tanks, to increase the intervals between water bunkering stops. When we have actual consumption data, they will be published on these pages.

Because we're now concentrating on the 'standaard' model, we haven't got detailed designs for for variations, like a crane engine (with front jib) or showman's version. Of course, we do have some raw sketches ready.

Concerning the traction, we're looking into a compound engine, possibly with concentric high- and low pressure cylinders. Also we're dabbling with a flywheel-less engine, with radial piston engines. Ample ideas!

Presently self-assembly packages are not programmed, since experience from the kit-car industry tells us that often these schemes are not very satisfactory neither for client (no real cost saving) nor supplier (no control over quality of end-product). However, if you would be interested in a form of self-assembly, we would like to discuss your requirements.

Please mail us to discuss your requirements!

Class 3 with straked Wheels

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