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About us

Savage Engineers Ltd is a UK registered company, founded in 2004 with the purpose of building new Steam Tractors under their own brand name. The company is "manned" with a small team of multi-talented and dedicated enthousiasts from different European countries.

Since his early youth, Roelant van Eijk (the founder of Savage Engineers Ltd.) has had a great interest in piston-steam and over the years it concentrated on traction- and road engines. The dream of owning an engine grew over the years, simultaneously as affordable engines became very rare and those within the budget, would need extensive re-build and repair, often beyond his home-workshop capacity.
These aspects contributed to the idea of building an engine himself.

Initially it was planned to build a freelance engine, but when he ran into construction drawings of a early 20th century steam tractor, the decision became much easier.
And so the Savage Bros. of Kings Lynn (the famous fair-equipment builders) Class 3 engine became the inspiration for our first engine design.

Obviously much work had to be done and is still in progress: on one hand the drawings had to be re-drawn in AutoCad for alteration and easy distribution but also getting involved in more and more of the detail, it was proven that many items and/or details were not part of the survived set of drawings.
So suitable solutions had to be found: sometimes they could be determined from the few surviving works pictures and in other cases contempory (1900-1910) designs from other manufacturers were used.

To materialise all these great plans, we had to find manufacturers and suppliers who could provide us the required services and parts at the required quality and the right price!
As you have seen on the homepage, we have managed to find what we were looking for, also in terms of financing, and the built has started.

Other activities of Savage Engineers Ltd can be found under the Besides steam button.

Please use E-mail to contact us in our mobile office!

Certificate of incorporation
Roelant in his home workshop

About the founder

Roelant van Eijk, born in 1963 in Holland, son of an electrical engineer, graduated from Marine Engineering University in Vlissingen (Holland). After a few years at sea as Marine Engineer, using auxiliary steam professionally, Roelant entered the oil industry (oil/gas well drilling) with Shell and worked in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe. His qualifications include: Ingenieur; EuroIng (Well Engineering); Bachelor in Marine Engineering. His present steam collection include a Robey vertical engine, Worthington linear steam-pump, Turner-Miesse steam car (under restoration), a vast collection of steam models and -toys and some steam related tools like indicators.
Roelant is married and has 2 daughters.

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